100 Happy days: Week 13

The delphiniums have done really well this year, turning out tall and straight, and I particularly love this purply blue shade.

Just finished Neil Gaiman’s Stardust. I loved the movie, and I love the book even more. One of the main characters is a beautiful star (as in, from the sky), who is also grumpy and swears. That probably sums up why Neil Gaiman is one of my favourite authors.

I was away on a work trip to Newcastle, and we stayed just across from St. James’ Park (Newcastle football grounds). That’s was just coincidence – we didn’t go inside, but it was exciting to be up close to it.

In Newcastle we had a work team-building event, which included a day of orienteering and challenges in Chopwell Wood. The wood was beautiful and tranquil (apart from the mad bunch of us running around in it), and one of my favourite specimens was this little orchid.

Back home, and tucking into seafood paella – One of our favourites from Markies, which is yummy despite conveniently taking 7 minutes in the microwave!

Here we are in Belfast, meeting up with my friend Jema, whom I hadn’t seen in years! We also got to meet her charming husband-to-be, and a couple of other uni friends.

We visited Belfast Zoo, and I nearly died from the cuteness of these little piglets. It’s not a great photo as it’s from my mobile, but trust me they are the cutest piglets ever – Visayan Warty Pig.

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