100 Happy days: Week 14

It was Jema and James’ wedding today – the day was just brilliant, and we’re so very happy for them!

It’s great being on holiday, but there’s always something special about going home.

Our little fish babies are getting bigger and bigger. Previously you could hardly see the little guppies, but now you can see them and their developing colours pretty clearly, especially this yellow one.

The rose bush in our back garden is in full bloom now, showing off its beautiful pink flowers.

A wee nod to the 4th of July, with good old pizzas, and a stuffed crust one, no less.

Gareth made up a lovely dessert – strawberry jelly and strawberry mascarpone cream on shortbread.

A tiring but successful afternoon in the garden, with a fine harvest of Chard Bright Lights for dinner.

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