100 Happy days: Final week

This pretty orchid was a gift in 2012. It flowered again last year, and it’s back in beautiful bloom this year.

When we visited an alpaca farm a few weeks ago we also bought some yarn which came from the fibre of some of the animals we met. Lex has gotten started on some lovely alpaca socks.

The petit pois are almost ready!

I’ve been crocheting wee hearts, and here’s a look at the ones I’ve made so far. I’m not sure what exactly I’m doing with them yet, but they’ll feature somewhere in our wedding. And what a nice ending to this series: happy hearts.

So that’s it, 100 days of pointing out things that make me happy. It wasn’t easy, but it was still good fun. The most difficult part was remembering to take a photo of something while enjoying the moment, although some days it was difficult deciding which photo to use! So it’s something I think I’ll try and keep up – just thinking about little things that make me happy and appreciating them, and tweeting happy photos every so often, just because 🙂

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