Roasted figs

Gareth got some figs the other day, and I started noticing them everywhere – in the supermarket, in other people’s lunches, in bread…took me a while to clock that it’s fig season.
Fig and walnut bread

He roasted our figs, like so:

– Cross cut them, not quite all the way
– Sprinkle icing sugar on top
– Roast at 190 °C for about 10-15 minutes or so, until soft.
– Optional step: If they’re not quite soft after 10 minutes, add a little water (ours were a little hard to begin with)
– Serve with mascarpone cheese mixed with a little cream and icing sugar

Roasted figs

Roasted figs

Roasted figs

Roasted figs

Roasted figs

Incidentally, I’ve gone all my life saying “roast” and “bake”, and only now properly looked up the difference:
Mainly, it’s in the structure of the food. If it’s something already with a solid structure being cooked (e.g. chicken, fruit, veg) it’s roasting. If it’s something that lacks structure to begin with, and then gains structure as part of the cooking process (e.g. cakes, bread) it’s baking.

On another day we had carbonara, so to use up the egg whites Gareth whipped up some meringues. He threw on some fresh figs and berries with cream.
Easy, pretty, and yummy.

Meringue with figs and berries

2 thoughts on “Roasted figs

  1. Looks Yummy Sakthi! And you know, I have instinctively used the words Roast and Bake for the right things without ever knowing why!! Thanks for looking that up 🙂

    • Thanks! Yes I think I’ve managed to mostly use the right term until I got to figs, which felt like they should be baked, I guess because I associate fruit in the oven with cakes and tarts, but then I thought of roasted red peppers and tomatoes (for some reason) and then all the questions kicked in… 🙂

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