Garden Birdwatching

This morning I took part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch. The idea is to watch birds in a garden or park for an hour, and count the maximum number of each species.

We had good old sparrows;
2016-01-30 Big Birdwatch

starlings, which I haven’t seen in a while;
2016-01-30 Big Birdwatch

a couple of blackbirds – here is the female.
2016-01-30 Big Birdwatch

The robin also made an appearance,
2016-01-30 Big Birdwatch

and here’s my garden favourite, the blue tit.
2016-01-30 Big Birdwatch

The online counter on the RSPB website is pretty handy for submitting numbers, and the survey runs over this weekend. A very pleasant way to spend an hour indeed!

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