Springtime in the garden and Dinnet

A couple of weeks ago it finally started feeling like Springtime, and it was lovely to be out in the garden, admiring what’s coming up and planting out new things.
Gareth’s been doing a lot of ‘landscaping’ work over the last couple months, which we can now really enjoy.

We’ve got a nice little fenced off flower bed, with perennials coming up nicely.
2016-05-08 Garden

Meanwhile, the bottom half of the garden is much easier to look after now. The lupins have been moved down here and are free to grow nice and big without it feeling like a jungle.
2016-05-08 Garden

And this is the bit I’m most proud of. Earlier in the year Gareth cleared out the plants (and dug up a bush with huge roots!) from this section. We then put down paving stones, creating the perfect spot for this lovely bench, which was a wedding present from a group of our friends. We finally have somewhere to sit in the garden when the weather’s good.
2016-05-08 Garden

And over in the front the tulips really looked like they were enjoying the sunshine.
2016-05-08 Garden

This weekend we headed out to Deeside, and after a nice lunch in Aboyne we went to Muir of Dinnet to burn off our cake.
We walked along the Parkin’s Moss Trail, and caught a glimpse of Loch Kinord through pretty silver birches.
2016-05-14 Muir of Dinnet

There was some alien looking fungi on them – although after coming home and googling it, their real name, hoof fungi, does seem a more suitable description.
2016-05-14 Muir of Dinnet

Gareth also spotted a little eel – it was about a foot long.
2016-05-14 Muir of Dinnet

The boggy bits weren’t very wet yet at this time of year, but the trees over here had such vibrant foliage.
2016-05-14 Muir of Dinnet

2016-05-14 Muir of Dinnet

The blazing yellow gorse and broom were out in force everywhere.
2016-05-14 Muir of Dinnet

A silver birch as we head towards the end of the trail.
2016-05-14 Muir of Dinnet

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