Looking back at the summer

We moved house in April, and it’s been a busy summer getting settled into our new home in Inverurie, as well as getting up to a few other things!

There were some really lovely, hot, sunny days

Fresh berry ice cream at Barra Castle Farm Shop

We had our first houseguests in May.

In June, my niece Gia in Malaysia turned 1. We caught up with celebrations through the magic of Whatsapp.

We headed over to Jersey, for Gareth’s brother’s wedding. James and Karla got married in the beautiful La Mare vineyard.
2017-06 Jersey 01

And during the rest of our summer holiday in Jersey we had a lovely time with family and enjoyed Jersey at its best.
2017-06 Jersey 03

2017-06 Jersey 02
Amazing orchids at the Eric Young Orchid Foundation

In July my nephew Kailash was born in London. We headed over for a weekend to meet him when he was a month old.
That same weekend my cousin had a 50th birthday party, so it was a nice catchup with other relatives too, and on the same day in Malaysia my grandmother celebrated her 90th birthday!
All the best people are born in July 😉

In August a friend got married in Crail (near St Andrews), so Lex and I headed down together for the evening ceilidh. It was a lovely film-themed wedding, and it was also a reunion of knitting group friends now in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, and Aberdeenshire.

Before leaving the next day, Lex and I had a wee wander round town in St Andrews.
2017-08 St Andrews 01
A scale model of The Kelpies is ‘on tour’ and currently at St Andrews, but I’m not sure how long for.

And in September my parents came to spend some time in London with the newest member of the family, and had a week with us in Inverurie too.

There’s also been a fair bit happening in the garden, which I’ll leave for next time

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