Happy New Year

I’ve been going through my photos, and realised that there are so many I’ve not posted on flickr or here; often I don’t post some of the newer photos because I feel like I have to stay ‘in order’ and catch up on the older ones first, which means I end up not posting much at all…
Well, 2018 is the year of “no more self imposed rules that are more trouble than they’re worth”. So here are some of my favourite photos of the past year.

Starling in the rain

2017-02-11 Moncrieff Hill
Sam and Joules’ dog, Maggie

2017-02-25 exp DSC_0583
Crocuses in our former garden

2017-04-26 exp DSC_0745
Mummy and baby Jack Dempsey cichlids

2017-05-28 Bennachie
Broom at Bennachie

2017-05-29 exp IMG_0210
New street art in Aberdeen

2017-06-04 Stavanger
On the way up Pulpit Rock, Stavanger

2017-06-10 exp DSC_1117-2
Clever young starling at the bird feeder

We discover local fresh berry ice cream

2017-06-21 exp DSC_1306
Orchid at the Eric Young Orchid Foundation, Jersey

2017-06-22 exp DSC_1400
St Aubin harbour wall, Jersey

2017-07-15 exp IMG_0683
Roses from our new garden

2017-08-12 exp File 10-09-2017, 21 44 32
Sunset at a friend’s wedding in Crail, Fife

2017-11-04 Inverurie Bonfire & Fireworks
Inverurie Fireworks

2017-11-25 Bennachie
Bennachie on a winter’s afternoon

2017-11-26 exp DSC_2291
Maidenhair fern

2017-12-09 exp DSC_2319
Snowy Bennachie in December

2017-12-22 exp DSC_2364

And onwards to new photos in the new year – may 2018 be good to us all!
2018-01-14 exp DSC_2751
‘Red’, the Siamese fighting fish

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