Inverurie Scarecrow and Flower Festival

The St Andrew’s Church in Inverurie holds an annual flower festival, and this year they organised a Scarecrow festival as well, to commemorate their 175th anniversary. Local schools, business, and families got on board, and over the weekend there were lots of scarecrows all over town.

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Spring is a time for all things new

Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and it’s a special time all round. Along with Easter, this time of year brings New Year celebrations for many South- and South-East Asian cultures – for my family it’s Tamil New Year.

Here in Aberdeen, skies are blue, and there’s to plenty to admire outside.

2017-04-13 Cherry blossom
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Our weddings – KL

A couple of months after getting married in Aberdeen we had a Hindu wedding ceremony in Kuala Lumpur. This is the sort of thing I’ve grown up with, so I was thrilled that Gareth and his parents were on board for this and my parents were up for organising it.

As Hindu weddings go there were several events involved, and ours were fairly typical for Hindus of Sri Lankan Tamil ethnicity.
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Our weddings – Aberdeen

It seems like the last two years has been all about weddings, especially with Gareth and me having two! Now that it’s been about 6 months since it was all over, I definitely don’t miss all the planning and logistics and billions of emails, but it’s been really nice to look through all our photos, and to look back at some wonderful experiences.

To begin with, we had a civil marriage ceremony in Aberdeen. It was book-themed; nothing epic (just google literary weddings!), but simple touches that appeal to our bookish sides. The ceremony was in Drum Castle, in the library, and we used these quotes in the invitations and order of service.

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Cat in the Window Café

Move over Taipei, Tokyo, and Tyneside – Aberdeen now has its very own Cat Café.
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