Spring is a time for all things new

Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and it’s a special time all round. Along with Easter, this time of year brings New Year celebrations for many South- and South-East Asian cultures – for my family it’s Tamil New Year.

Here in Aberdeen, skies are blue, and there’s to plenty to admire outside.

2017-04-13 Cherry blossom
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Springtime in the garden and Dinnet

A couple of weeks ago it finally started feeling like Springtime, and it was lovely to be out in the garden, admiring what’s coming up and planting out new things.
Gareth’s been doing a lot of ‘landscaping’ work over the last couple months, which we can now really enjoy.

We’ve got a nice little fenced off flower bed, with perennials coming up nicely.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring!

Sorry to be clichéd, but Spring to me is sunshine and flowers, and the Springiest flower of them all is the tulip!

2014-05-02 Tulips

2014-05-02 Tulips

2014-05-02 Tulips

Our tulip patch has done well this year.
Some are only just blooming, some have been and gone.

2014-05-02 Tulips

2014-05-02 Tulips

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Happy Easter!

The weather’s getting ever so slightly milder (i.e. there’s less snow left on the ground), the clocks have gone forward, and it’s Easter Sunday.

No tulips yet, but we’ve got some lovely variegated shoots peeping out.
2013-02-24 Variegated tulip leaf

We’ve also got some peas started, and almost ready to go outside.
2013-03-31 Easter

Our perennials are putting out little leaves, and the plants that were sheltered for the winter were allowed out. There were plenty of Monty Don references being made today.
2013-03-31 Easter

Baking was done: Rosemary focaccia, recipe from here. Not the daintiest loaf, as I think we left it to rise a little bit too long while we went to the garden centre…but still yummy.
2013-03-31 Easter

And the daffodils are finally making an appearance.
2013-03-31 Easter

Springtime is here! Happy Easter!